Scholarship Program – National NENA Conference – Membership has an opportunity to send 4 people to the National Conference with a stipend of a maximum of $2,000.00 for expenses. The conference is in June 2017 and candidates for this program should be submitted by March, 10th, 2017 to the Executive Board. Only one candidate per Alabama agency will be considered and only 4 candidates will be selected. Candidates should be in good standing with the Association and their Agency, but whose Agency does not have the means to normally send them to attend the annual National conference. The Agency must be willing to release the applicant(s) chosen to attend and cover any peripheral costs above the normal stipend of $2,000.00 per applicant. Additional details are in the program and the attached application that is required for consideration. We are placing the program and applications online at this time to ensure that we are able to select candidates for this upcoming National Conference in San Antonio, Tx. Questions regarding the program or candidacy can be forwarded to

1.0 Purpose

The intent of the Scholarship Program is to provide funding to four Alabama NENA members to participate at National NENA Expo and Conference annually. To be eligible, Alabama NENA members must apply and indicate the need for funding to participate. Your application must be endorsed by your agency head to reflect that they approve the need and time necessary to participate if you are selected. Any member applying should be in good standing with their organization.

2.0 Scope

All personnel working for agencies within the Emergency Communication Districts of the State of Alabama.

3.0 Distribution

To local 9-1-1 Board Members, agency Directors, Command Staff, Division Managers of all State ECD’s and Alabama State Chapter of NENA personnel as appropriate.

4.0 Goal

To create an effective professional development program within Alabama NENA that seeks to engage new professionals in the field or those without the means to pay for attendance, through scholarship, state or national NENA conference attendance.

5.0 Policy


All Telecommunicators and direct Public Safety Communications administrative support personnel in the State of Alabama who have not previously attended at state or a national NENA conference. Nominees must be a resident of the U.S. and a resident of the State of Alabama.

Selection Criteria:

Selection of personnel for scholarship will be based on the type of scholarship. In many cases the scholarship will be determined by specific objective criteria. In some cases the award will be both objective and subjective. These types of scholarships will use a selection committee of seven members from NENA appointed by the President and/or Executive Board annually. Appointed committee members will include at least three Directors and/or Senior Managers and line personnel as appropriate. Specific individual recognition criteria are listed with the award type. Internally, each agency may nominate one person in each category of scholarship, but may only submit one nominee total from their agency for each category to the NENA Review and Selection Committee. This may require the agency to form a Committee and review all their nominees to find the very best from their agency.

Scholarships Received:

The State Chapter of Alabama will pay for conference registration, hotel, travel and travel expenses not to exceed $2,000.


Sample Scholarship Application: To be filled out via an on-line application. Click Here


2017 National Scholarship

Alabama Chapter of the National Emergency Number Association

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