2017 Closing Session - We Trained for This Day: Chattanooga's Terrorist Attack

On July 16, 2015, military facilities in Chattanooga, TN became the target of an active shooter. In this session the focus isn’t just “lessons learned,” but also lessons we MUST teach our employees. Training is absolutely vital. Forget the policy and procedure “book;” focus on building mental and muscle memory to help employees act appropriately and successfully during similar incidents.

Learning Objectives:

·         Learn how to identify key training needs for your agency's response phase during similar incidents

·         Consider how to evaluate and pre-plan for expected challenges during the initial response phase of similar incidents

·         Gain a better understanding of the long-term recovery phase, including challenges to staffing, stress management and subsequent, related events

 Writing the After Action Report

After a major incident, public safety agencies must thoroughly review how the situation was handled, including everything that went right as well as anything that went wrong. They must also identify performance and training needs, become aware of any risk management (liability) issues, then write a comprehensive report that not only documents deficiencies and gaps but also makes recommendations for improvement. Often, the hardest part is deciding how and where to start. This session gives attendees a better understanding about how to write a comprehensive and effective after action report.  Learning Objectives

·         Be able to define and distinguish between the quality assurance review and an after action report

·         Know how to identify established performance benchmarks, agency expectations and core competencies

·         Isolate and map data points for review

·         Work with a template to collate and prepare the data for the report


Speaker Bio:

Christine Massengale, ENP
Training & QA Specialist
Hamilton County, TN 9-1-1 ECD

Christine began her career in Public Safety Communications in 1992, dispatching for a local campus police department. From there she progressed to other municipalities within Hamilton County. She worked in the role of Communications Training Officer until a promotion to Shift Supervisor for the Chattanooga Police Department in 2004. In 2008, she was hired into her current position as a Training and Quality Assurance Specialist with the Hamilton County Emergency Communications District.

She and her colleagues are responsible for the recruiting, pre-hire screening, initial training, continuing education requirements, in-service instruction and quality assurance reviews for nearly 140 Telecommunicators.