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ALNENA maintains an email list server to facilitate communications among the members.  When you join the list you can send messages to the group and you will see messages from other along with official announcements from the ALNENA Officers.

The List is restricted to those in 9-1-1 and you must supply your name, agency or business name, and phone number for confirmation.  This is an effort to prevent abuse by spammers and is not meant to keep any legitimate user off the list.

Please note that this service is not for commercial announcements.  If someone asks a questions and you have a product or service that is applicable, please feel free to respond with a short message including directions for obtaining more information.  Do not use the list to distribute your advertising.

When an email is sent to the list address, the list software sends a copy to everyone who is subscribed.  As of April 2015 there are 252 members subscribed to the list.  

This is a great way to get help with a problem you may be having or to share information.  Join today and try it out.  You can always leave the list if it doesn't work out for you. will take you to the group web site where you can edit your account and leave the list. 

To subscribe:  Send a blank email to:  Yahoo Groups in return will send you an email responding to your request to join al911.  If you do not have a Yahoo account, select the 2nd option and reply with your name, agency, address and phone number so we can identify that you are not a spammer.  You do not have to have a Yahoo account to be included on the email list.  You must reply with your name, agency, address and phone number in order to be added to the email list.

To unsubscribe: Send a blank message to: and you will be removed from the list.

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