Conference Events

Pre-Conference Classes

Sunday 2 hour APCO Super Sessions

No Time for That: Addressing Helplessness, Grief, and Hopelessness in the ECC [2 hour]- Edie De Vilbiss
Your personnel like to be in control of situations. When feelings of hopelessness, grief, and helplessness overwhelm, it can become a crisis for your team. Behaviors that arise from unresolved issues can destroy your team’s camaraderie. Unfortunately, our culture does not do a good job of supporting a healthy response to the waves of sadness, powerlessness, and anger that are a natural response. Equip yourself to support yourself and your team members in this vital area through this brief session.

Conflict Management – Jason Long
This class will explore techniques for managing conflicts that may arise among co-workers and other personnel within the radio room. We will discuss the different types of conflicts that may occur, as well as the various types of employees involved. Additionally, we will provide strategies for effectively handling and managing conflicts within the agency, ensuring that a harmonious and productive work environment is maintained for all.

PTSD & Suicide for the Responder- Jason Long
In this class, we will focus on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and the significance of good mental health among Telecommunicators and responders. Our objective is to examine strategies for managing PTSD throughout your career, as well as identifying signs of possible suicide within your network of responders and co-workers. It’s essential to prioritize self-care to ensure we’re capable of helping others effectively

911 Recruitment and Retention Workshop- Christian Gulotta
Recruitment and Retention of 911 dispatchers and operators continues to be a national issue. Low staffing levels have the greatest impact on frontline workers, overall staff performance, and agency metrics. Recruitment and retention are symbiotic; an agency can’t have one without the other. By focusing on key leadership concepts and human resource management, agencies will be able to create solutions and implement strategies to recruit new candidates and retain current employees. In this workshop, 911 leaders will be provided with a roadmap to boost employee recruitment and retention, develop leadership skills within their agency, improve performance metrics, and enhance employee commitment to create a unified team.

Halloween Party

Monday Night

Shrimp Boil

Tuesday Night