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Misty Nelson and Brinlee Warnke are both members of the AlTERT team. Misty currently works at Jefferson County 911 and Brinlee works at Cullman City. They both have played an intricate part in the development and training of the AlTERT team.

Robert (Bob) VanHooser is the Training Coordinator at Jefferson County 9-1-1. Bob has spent many years in the Fire Service.

Dan Wright brings 23 years of Public Safety Experience from Volunteer Fire Service, Career Fire Service in an Urban environment and management of 2 PSAPs.

Currently Dan is the Deputy Director for Baldwin County, Alabama 911 where his primary role is Operations management for 32 Telecommunicators.  Dan came to Baldwin County from Chilton County, Alabama 911 where he was Executive Director of a consolidated PSAP.

Dan retired from the City of Birmingham Fire and Rescue in 2020 as a Captain assigned to the Safety Division and is owner and CEO of Inferno Technology group. Dan leads the organization in providing technology and management consulting to public safety agencies and small businesses. Their expertise includes website building, automation, efficiency applications, PSAP management, PSAP staffing studies and his podcast “Public Safety Technology”.

Tina has been a 9-1-1 Emergency Communication Professional (ECP) for over 24 years. She is a full-time contract trainer and part-time Police/Fire ECP. Tina creates and teaches course curriculum specifically for 9-1-1 ECPs using her front-line experience. Tina is passionate about 9-1-1 training and public education.

Michelle Peel has been administrative support staff for the Alabama 9-1-1 Board for over three years currently serving as the Program Coordinator. Prior to joining the Board staff, she held a variety of positions from legal secretary and executive assistant to business owner/CEO.

Jeanie Pharis is the Director for Morgan County 911, Alabama, a consolidated PSAP responsible for call taking and dispatching of all disciplines of emergency services within the county.  She has spent time working as the Emergency Communications Manager of Vance AFB Fire Department and was the chair of the Communications Unit for Oklahoma Homeland Security after obtain her COML certification.  Her career started more than 25 years ago in Tulsa, OK as a 911 operator.  12 of those years were spent participating as a tactical dispatcher and Communications Unit Leader for Tulsa’s Incident Management Team, and many years were utilized providing supervision and training to the Tulsa 911 team.  Currently, Jeanie holds the 2nd Vice President position for Alabama NENA and serves as the chair of the Professional Development Events Committee for APCO International.

Samantha Sanders and Joseph Sivley are booth employed at Morgan County 9-1-1. Samantha serves on the state education standards committee.

Tracy Eldridge

Title of Presentation 1 – So You Want to be an ENP? (Leadership)

 2nd Title of Presentation – Back to Basics with a Technological Twist

Bio Of Presenter (Co-Presenter)

Tracy launched On Scene First, and podcast, On Scene First with Tracy Eldridge. The company and podcast focus on educating public safety professionals on must-have technology tools and mental health resources to help save lives on both sides of the call. After leaving her 9-1-1 Director position she spent four years at RapidSOS, where she played a role in the delivery of device-based locations to 9-1-1 and field responders. Tracy has been recognized nationally for her efforts to train telecommunicators and bringing awareness to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and public safety through conference training sessions, webinars, and keynote presentations

Edie De Vilibiss  

Title of Presentation– No Time for That: Addressing Helplessness, Grief and Hopelessness in the ECC ( Wellness)

Bio Of Presenter (Co-Presenter)

Rev. Dr. Edie has slogged through the swamp of Compassion Fatigue three times. She knows the way through it. And it is her delight to clear the pathway for you. Former 911 pro, former counselor, and now a retired chaplain, she is passionate about 911

Annie Cahill

Title of Presentation- NG911 Boundaries- What is the Authoritative? (GIS)

Bio Of Presenter (Co-Presenter)

Annie is a Public Safety GIS Technical Consultant for DATAMARK, leading all strategic planning and boundary facilitation services. Prior to working with DATAMARK, Annie spent 15 years in local government as an addressing authority and GIS data manager

Jeanie Pharis

Title of Presentation – 911 Roundtable- Barriers and Issues in Our Centers  (Leadership)

Bio Of Presenter (Co-Presenter)

Jeanie Pharis is the Director for Morgan County 911, Alabama; a consolidated PSAP responsible for all disciplines of emergency services within the county. She has spent time working as the Emergency Communications Manager of Vance AFB Fire Department and was the chair of the Communications Unit for Oklahoma Homeland Security after obtaining her COML certification. Her career started more than 27 years ago in Tulsa, OK as a 911 operator. 12 of those years were spent participating as a tactical dispatcher and Communications Unit Leader for Tulsa’s Incident Management Team, and many years were utilized providing supervision and training to the Tulsa 911 team. Currently, Jeanie holds the 1st Vice President position for Alabama NENA and serves as the chair of the Professional Development Events Committee for APCO International.

Kelly Sanders- Kelley

Title of Presentation – Be the Master of Your Emotions  ( Wellness)

Bio Of Presenter (Co-Presenter) Jenny Mason

Kelly Sanders-Kelley has spent over 15 years in Public Safety education and training. After earning her Master’s in Education and Business Administration she taught learners in the training classroom and higher education environment both on campus and online. Today, Kelly is the National Director at Virtual Academy, where she leads the 9-1-1 total training solutions division. She has found another way to serve those who serve us!

Doug Showalter

Title of Presentation- No Deposit, No Return

Bio Of Presenter (Co-Presenter)

Doug retired after a 30-year distinguished career with the California Highway Patrol. During his tenure he was chosen to supervise a complete restructuring of the statewide CHP Communications Training Academy, including rewrites of several departmental manuals. His career has been highlighted with countless awards and commendations. Over the past 17 years he’s established a reputation as well-respected speaker. He performed extensive research to design several new training concepts by blending private sector successes into public safety communications. His passion and high energy presentation skills has afforded him unparalleled opportunities, including countless speaking, and training engagements for thousands of professionals throughout the United States and Canada. With decades of real experience, our presentations are unmatched. Our unique company motto of “Leave A Legacy” will leave you inspired.

Charlsie Little

Title of Presentation– A Guide to Work Recovery  

Bio Of Presenter (Co-Presenter)

Charlsie Little is the Communications Administrator for the City of Auburn and has 10 years of experience in Public Safety. Along with her 7+ years training experience, she also has a B.S. in Human Resources Management, a M.S. in Adult Education, and she is pursing another M.S. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

Sondra Wesley

Co Speaker- Chris Carden

Title of Presentation- Training Methods for Emergency Technologies

Speaker Bio:  Sondra Wesley, Implementation Lead, is a highly regarded Certified Instructor. Training hundreds of law enforcement and telecommunications professionals across the country, she brings her three decades of public safety experience into her presentations. She is an MS candidate in Justice Policy and Leadership from Eastern Kentucky University and holds a BS in Criminal Justice and AS in Police Studies. And as a CJIS Subject Matter Expert and has sat on numerous boards

Adam Timm

Title of Presentation– Identify Your Change Agents: Inspiring a Culture of Ownership and Buy in

Instructor Biography: Adam Timm began his 20-year career in public safety as a 9-1-1 dispatcher for Los Angeles Police Department Communications Division, where he spent over a decade under the headset. He left the LAPD after founding his 9-1-1 training and consulting company, The Healthy Dispatcher. Adam’s energetic and interactive presentation style has made him one of the most highly regarded speakers in the industry. He is the author of three books, including the popular “Dispatcher Stress: 50 Lessons on Beating the Burnout,” and his most recent book, “People Driven Leadership: How the Best 9-1-1 Centers Inspire Positive Change,” is based on case studies of exemplary emergency communications centers across the country.

Anderson Brooms

Co Presenter- Nida Jackson

Title of Presentation– State of Alabama GIS Program Update (GIS)

Bio Of Presenter

Anderson Brooms is the GIS Program Manager for the Alabama 9-1-1 Board. Prior to joining the Alabama 9-1-1- Board, Mr. Brooms served as a Senior GIS Analyst for the City of Montgomery, Al. Mr. Brooms has worked in the GIS industry in state and local government as well as in the private sector. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Geomatics from Troy State University and a Master’s degree in Geographic Information Systems from Penn State University.

Leah Missildine

Title of Presentations- 1 Best Practices for Leadership & Management in 911 2. General Update from the Alabama 911 Board Staff

Bio Of Presenter (Co-Presenter)

Leah Missildine is the Executive Director of the Alabama 9-1-1 Board. Prior to joining the Alabama 9-1-1 Board, Mrs. Missildine served as Director for the City of Auburn Public Safety Communications Division. Mrs. Missildine received a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Auburn University. She and her husband, Matt, have one son, James.

Adam Brown

Title of Presentation – Finding Balance: Ever Evolving Technology in the PSAP

.Bio : Adam Brown is the Deputy Director for the Alabama 9-1-1 Board. Prior to joining the Alabama 9-1-1 Board, Mr. Brown served as the Director for the City of Auburn Public Safety Communications Division. Mr. Brown received a Bachelor of Art’s degree in criminology from Auburn University.

Halcyon Frank

Title of presentation(s)   You know How to Train, but do You Know How to Learn?

Bio Of Presenter (Co-Presenter)

Halcyon Frank is the Director of Training and Development for the Denise Amber Lee Foundation and has spent 8 years in emergency communications. She has spent much of her dispatch career training new telecommunicators and developing training curricula and resources. When not busy traveling and training or developing online courses, Halcyon still works under the headset taking 911 calls and dispatching. She holds the Emergency Number Professional Certification from the National Emergency Number Association and a degree in Training and Development.

Tanya Lee

Title of Presentation –   You are the Difference

 Bio Of Presenter (Co-Presenter)

Tanya Lee is the Manager of EvansCare. She has over 20 years working in the medical field and has been working in the public safety industry for the past ten years. She is passionate about improving the overall health of mission critical environments and maintaining an optimal work environment for all operators. She resides in Florida with her husband Nathan and their seven children.

Rick Thomas

Title of Presentation- Hop on the Train: Understanding the Importance of Rail Safety

Bio Of Presenter  

“Rick began his career in public safety in 1991 as a Volunteer Firefighter and moved into 9-1-1 in September of 1996. Over the years, he worked as a Telecommunicator, Training Officer, Shift Supervisor, Center Supervisor, and ECC Manager. Rick left the public sector in 2021 to pursue a career within the private sector. Rick is a Senior APCO Member and was awarded his RPL Certification in 2009. Additionally, he has served on numerous APCO Committees ranging in topics from ASAP2PSAP, Emerging Technology, Agency Training, and APCO Standards Development, and he was the NC APCO Chapter President from 2015 to 2016. Rick is also active with NENA; he has obtained his ENP and CMCP Certifications and is NC NENA’s 2023 First Vice President. Rick is currently part of the RapidSOS Public Safety Team as an ECC Engagement Manager for the Southeast Region.”

(Co Presenter) Yasmen Barnett ENP, CMCP has been in Public Safety for over 9 years originally starting as a telecommunicator with the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office in Central Florida. She worked through the ranks serving as a telecommunicator, CTO Assistant Squad Leader then floor Supervisor. In August of 2022 Yasmen joined the Rapid SOS team as an IamResponding District Manager for the Southeast region, working with field responders to equip them with more data before arriving on scene. Yasmen holds a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice with a certificate in Police Leadership from the University of Florida. She is also the co-founder of Those 9-1-1 Girls, a hub of her 9-1-1 Industry resources for the 9-1-1 professional and serves on multiple committees. On her days off, Yasmen spends time reading, baking, and spending time with her family and pets!

Caleb Branch

Title of Presentation – When Legacy Technology meets Next Generation Challenges: Overcoming the Divide

Bio Of Presenter (Co-Presenter)

Caleb Branch currently serves as the Vice President of Market Management for INdigital and is responsible for the implementation of the Alabama Next Generation Emergency Network (ANGEN). Before his tenure at INdigital, Caleb was the Director of Blount County 9-1-1 where he oversaw a building project, a county-wide ambulance RFP, and a consolidation with another District. He has also worked in EMS management and as a paramedic. Mr. Branch holds a Masters in Health Administration from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, a Bachelor’s of Science in Emergency Management with a minor in Public Safety Communications from Jacksonville State University, and an Associate of Applied Science in EMS from Southern Union State Community College. Caleb is a Nationally Registered Paramedic, a Critical Care Emergency Medical Transport Provider, an Alabama Association of Emergency Managers Advanced Level Emergency Manager and holds the Emergency Number Professional certification through the National Emergency Number Association.

Jason Long

Title of Presentation – 1- Conflict Management (Leadership) 2- PTSD & Suicide for the Responder ( Wellness)

Bio of Presenter – Jason started this business to further educate Telecommunicators outside of Kentucky. As a Lead Telecommunications Instructor for the Kentucky State Police Telecommunications Academy, he is dedicated to providing quality in service training for all agencies. With over 25 years of Emergency Telecommunications experience, Jason brings a wealth of knowledge to his teaching. Having been a Kentucky Law Enforcement Council Certified Instructor for over 10 years, his expertise is widely recognized. Jason’s years of experience and passion for the job drive him to go above and beyond in his training sessions. His unique ability to engage participants has made him a sought-after instructor with personnel from 100+ agencies benefiting from his teachings. In addition to his work in Kentucky, Jason has expanded his influence by presenting at the NENA and APCO National Conferences, as well as various state conferences. His dedication and commitment to improving the skills of telecommunicators extend beyond state lines and have earned him a reputation as an exceptional educator in the field.

Christian Gulotta

Title of Presentation – 911 Recruitment and Retention Workshop ( Leadership)

Bio of Presenter- Christian is a retired NYPD Captain with 25 years of  service, who spent a decade as a leader in Public Safety communications. Upon retirement, he founded Ten-4 Consulting to assist 911 agencies in enhancing staffing levels through targeted recruitment and retention strategies.  

Tina DeCola

Title of Presentation- 1 – Helping Hands: The Importance of Peer Support & Recognizing Moral Injury and PTSD. ( wellness)   2 – Human Trafficking Awareness for the 911 Professional (frontline)

Bio of Presenter- Tina is a 22 year veteran of the Las Vegas Fire and Rescue communications department. Tina recently retired but remains very active with the department peer team as a retiree. Tina has served on the team for almost 10 years and has helped many agencies set up their peer teams as well. Tina also serves on the Southern Nevada Human Trafficking Task Force. Tina is the mother of 3 amazing children and a wife of 25 years.

Rachel Salter

Title of Presentation – Enhancing the PCO/ AFC Partnership During Critical Missing Persons Cases and Threats to Life ( Standards and Best Practices)

Bio of Presenter- Rachel Salter is an intelligence Analyst with the Alabama Law Enforcement Agencyassigned to the Alabama Fusion Center. Ms. Salter also teaches a variety of criminal justice and cybercriminology classes at the University of Alabama. In her role as an intelligence analyst, Ms. Salter focuses on the AFC’s School Safety Imitative, missing [persons, cybercrime investigations and holds multiple certifications in cryptocurrency transaction analysis. Ms. Salter has also developed and deployed training to local, state and federal law enforcement officials on various aspects of cyber crime investigations including darknet criminality, cryptocurrency investigations, fusion center capabilities and open-source research. Director Jay Mosely of the Alabama Fusion Center can serve as a reference for previous presentations.

Clifford Amerson

Title of Presentation – Domestic Violence Awareness for Telecommunicators  ( frontline)

Bio of Presenter- 8 years in Telecommunications, have acted as a police dispatcher, 911 dispatcher, supervisor and now training coordinator. 15 years in the fire service 9 as an instructor have taught numerous classed to all different generations.

Dominique Mathis

Title of Presentation – The 9-1-1 Training Blueprint: Establishing a Standard of Instructor Excellence ( Frontline)

Bio of Presenter- N/A

JaCorey Glaude

Title of Presentation – 1.Ready of Not: Developing and Embracing a Preparedness Mindset  (frontline) 2 – Cracking the Culture Code

Bio of presenter- JaCorey Glaude, ENP, RPL, CMCP began his career in Emergency Communications in Louisiana & has experienced unprecedented success. JaCorey’s success in Public Safety includes working with Calcasieu Parish Communications District, LADOT, NTECC, & SafeCities-Schedule Express before joining RapidSOS as Training & Engagement Manager, Virtual Academy as Regional Manager, and most previously Prepared as PSAP Account Manager. JaCorey’s passion for training, technology & advocacy within Public Safety led to the inception of Omni Public Safety Group & he remains concurrently employed at Harris County ESD11 as he continues to serve his local community. JaCorey possesses many significant certifications & Public Safety credentials including APCO RPL & NENA ENP,CMCP, ECS & EID. He is a certified APCO & TCOLE instructor and Certified Customer Success Manager. As a Champion of Change, he serves as a member of the NENA Education Advisory Board & a charter member of the DEI committee for ESD11. In 2023 he was appointed as a Texas NENA CCAM and elected to APCO International CAC. JaCorey attributes his success to phenomenal mentors.

Katie Decker

Title of Presentation – Improving Call Transfers with the NENA: EPRC (frontline)

Bio of Presenter- Katie Decker is the Manager, EPRC Success for NENA: The 9-1-1 Association. She works closely with PSAPs, 9-1-1 Authorities, and commercial clients to promote the adoption, utilization, and positive user outcomes of the EPRC. Katie ensures the data within the EPRC is as current and accurate as possible. Katie started her public safety career as a 9-1-1 Telecommunicator in Grand Junction, Colorado, in 2007. There she answered and dispatched emergency and non-emergency calls for service. She also trained newly hired telecommunicators, participated in the Policy Review Committee, and was an inaugural member of the Incident Dispatch Team. Katie worked at the Grand Junction Regional Communication Center for 3 years before moving home to West Michigan, where she worked for the Kent County Sheriff’s Office for the next 13 years. In Kent County, Katie was a shift supervisor, and supervised the training program.

Kris Inman

Title of Presentation – Back to Basics: Stop Being a Jerk at Work! (standards and best practices)

Bio of Presenter- Kris Inman brings decades of training, instruction and 9-1-1 experience to his role as Director of Program Development for The Healthy Dispatcher. A noted presenter, Kris has delivered standout educational sessions, keynotes, motivational talks and yoga instruction to dispatchers across the country. Kris is also an awarded adjunct professor, teaching popular classes in communication and public safety leadership at both Missouri State University and Drury University. Prior to joining The Healthy Dispatcher, Kris served for 28 years at Springfield-Greene County (MO) 9-1-1, working his way up from call taker and dispatcher to CTO, supervisor, training manager and director. He holds a Master of Arts in Communication and a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Media from Missouri State University. He is also a registered yoga instructor

Laura Erhart & Daniel Hipps

Title of Presentation-  9-1-1 Public Perception Workshop (frontline)

Bio of Presenter- Laura Ehrhart is the Education and Outreach Program Manager at the Alabama 9-1-1 Board. Before joining the Board, Ms. Ehrhart served as a PST for over 23 years and spent over a decade in public safety education. She is passionate about making a positive impact in the community through education. Laura is the mother of two adult daughters, Allison and Morgan. Daniel Hipps is the Education and Outreach Technical Specialist for the Alabama 911 Board. Mr. Hipps brings nearly a decade of experience in information technology and public safety telecommunicating most recently with the City of Alabaster, AL and the City of Pelham, AL. Mr.. Hipps received a Bachelor of Arts degree in criminal justice from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). Daniel and his wife, Morgan, have two young children, Alyssa and Harrison.

Jamie Ginn

Title of Presentation –  Outsourcing Cybersecurity in Public Safety (standards & best practices)

Bio of Presenter-

Jamie is a seasoned cybersecurity professional, with experience spanning various roles including Security Operations Center analysis and security design. Educated with a bachelor’s degree in electronics engineering technology and a minor in business administration, he also completed a master’s degree in information security. His professional journey includes time spent in the US Air Force as a cyber operations specialist. In the business realm, Jamie has contributed to the boards of several cybersecurity-focused companies and served as the CTO of a cybersecurity services company before establishing OTM Cyber, providing cybersecurity for 9-1-1 and critical infrastructure for over 30 clients across 8 states. Jamie also possesses several cybersecurity certifications and is certified as a CompTIA instructor.

Lee Moore

Title of Presentation- ECD Board Governance, Responsibilities and Best Practices (standards and best practices)

Bio of Presenter-  Lee Moore is the founder of 911Consult, Inc, a consulting group specializing in IT services for the Emergency Services community. A long time member of APCO and NENA, Lee has been a volunteer firefighter, a county E911 Board Member and a network manager of an E9-1-1 District. Lee has been involved in the 911 business for over twenty five years in many roles.

Melissa Carpenter

Title of Presentation – What Have we Done for You Lately? (frontline)

Bio of Presenter- Melissa Carpenter serves as the Alabama Service Manager for INdigital. She comes from the PSAP with 20 years in various positions. Her passion is to ensure that the front-line call takers and dispatchers are prepared and comfortable utilizing the technologies and resources at their fingertips to be able to provide the best quality of service to 911 callers.