Gulf Coast 2024 Scholarship

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Scholarship Applications 2024 are open for the upcoming Alabama State Gulf Coast Conference in Perdido Beach, Alabama. The conference is October 13-16, 2024. Deadline to submit application is June 30, 2024      Click Here

Available stipend for this conference is a maximum of $1,500.00 per selected candidate. Candidates should coordinate conference registration, housing and travel with their home agency. 

Scholarship recipient must be NENA Member

Questions regarding the program or candidacy can be forwarded to .

Purpose of Scholarship Program

The intent of the Scholarship Program is to provide funding to four Alabama NENA members to participate at the National NENA Expo and Conference annually and for four NENA members to participate in the State Gulf Shores Conference annually. To be eligible, Alabama NENA members must apply through their agency and indicate the need for funding to participate. Your application must be endorsed by your agency head to reflect that they approve the need; will cover any costs above the eligible maximum stipend amount and the time necessary to participate if you are selected. Any member applying should be in good standing with their organization.

Scope of Program

All personnel working for primary and secondary Public Safety Answer Points within the State of Alabama.


To local 9-1-1 Board Members, agency Directors, Command Staff, Division Managers of all State ECD’s and Alabama State Chapter of NENA personnel as appropriate.


To create an effective professional development program within Alabama NENA that seeks to engage new professionals in the field or those without the means to pay for attendance, through scholarship, to the state or national NENA conference.



All Telecommunicators and direct Public Safety Communications administrative support personnel in the State of Alabama. Nominees must be a resident of the U.S. and a resident of the State of Alabama. Nominee, nominator or sponsoring agency must be a member of NENA to be eligible for an award.

Selection Criteria:

Selection of personnel for scholarship will be determined by specific objective criteria. In some cases the award may be both objective and subjective. These types of scholarships will use a selection committee of seven members from NENA appointed by the President and/or Executive Board and will be awarded annually. Appointed committee members will include at least three Directors and/or Senior Managers and line personnel as appropriate. Internally, each agency may only submit one nominee total from their agency for each category (State or National) to the NENA Review and Selection Committee. This may require the agency to form a Committee and review all their nominees to find the very best from their agency. Nominees should be in good standing with their agency, excel in job tasks and who demonstrates the skills, initiative and desire to better their agency, the State Chapter of NENA and National NENA.

Scholarships Received:

The State Chapter of Alabama will pay associated costs for the conference, in the areas of; conference registration, hotel, travel and meals not to exceed $2,500 total for the National Conference and $1,500 for the State Gulf Shores conference. All member agencies and awardees should be aware that the stipend will be paid by the State NENA Chapter after the conference. No pre- or post-conference events, additional housing or meals will be covered by the State NENA Chapter. Compensation will be at actual costs for the event. All receipts must be turned in with your request for cost coverage. For example, if the event is a 4-day, 3-night conference, you should normally expect to be compensated for registration, 3-nights housing, and up to 5-days (including travel days) for meals (if appropriate). Expenses of a personal nature incurred for the convenience of the traveler (movies, haircuts, entertainment, alcohol, etc.); including travel by indirect routes or stop-overs for personal reasons; or leaving earlier or returning later than necessary will not be covered. It is acceptable for the traveler to leave their home or agency in reasonably sufficient time to arrive at an airport’s recommended pre-departure time, etc. Agencies should be prepared to pay costs up-front for the selected nominee and award of a scholarship must be approved by the agency.

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