Red E. Fox Costume

Red E. Fox costume was created as way to teach children how to save lives and property through the proper use of 9-1-1,  Red. E. Fox was created as a 9-1-1 Public Safety icon in the tradition of Smokey Bear and McGruff the Crime Dog.  Red E. Fox has been the official 9-1-1 mascot since 1994.

If you would like to borrow the costume for educational purposes, contact one of the agencies below:  

Northern suit:  Etowah County
                      Kim Stowers, 256.543.7911

Central suit:  Clay County
                    Marsha Spurlin, 256.396.2601

Southern suit:  Covington County
                       Stacey Jackson Director or Clay Brown, 334.427.4911

                       Baldwin County 9-1-1

Annette Lubertozzi 251-947-3911 ext 5156

                        Administrative Assistant